Interactive Agenda

Welcome to the 2023 LAN Summit Interactive Agenda! 

The 2023 LAN Summit was held on October 30 from 9:30 AM-4:00 PM ET. 


  • Promote action toward APM adoption and accountable care advancement; highlight strategies and lessons learned from payers, providers, policy makers, community-based organizations, and other health care stakeholders implementing health care delivery system reforms 
  • Facilitate action on health equity by enhancing understanding of APMs and accountable care, as well as awareness and use of HCPLAN tools and resources, especially to support new and historically under-engaged organizations in the early or learning stages of adopting new models of care  
  • Gain support for and showcase progress toward the HCPLAN APM goals and discuss the importance of evolving the HCPLAN’s measurement approach to capture accountable care arrangements  
  • Demonstrate the many ways the health care system can implement features of accountable care, ranging from initial actions by stakeholders early in the adoption process to those who have the most advanced achievement of elements on the Accountable Care Curve
  • Highlight opportunities for multi-payer and multi-stakeholder alignment within the industry to engage more stakeholders and impact a greater proportion of covered lives
  • Drive better care for beneficiaries through improved clinical quality and patient experience

* Denotes the moderator