2022 Session Recordings


LAN Co-Chair Dr. Judy Zerzan-Thul gets the virtual 2022 LAN Summit underway with opening remarks highlighting the upcoming sessions, which will improve understanding around accountable care and efforts to advance delivery system reform.

CMS Leadership Point of View

Join Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure as she shares the agency’s progress on accountable care.

LAN 2022-2023: Forward Momentum

LAN Co-Chair Dr. Mark McClellan will provide insight on the LAN’s activities since the 2021 Summit, including the rollout of the Accountable Care Definition and the Accountable Care Curve, the 2030 goals, an update on the State Transformation Collaboratives (STCs), and an introduction to the Accountable Care Action Collaborative (ACAC), its members, and their goals.

2022 APM Measurement Effort: Progress of Alternative Payment Models

In this session, the LAN will release the 2022 Measurement Effort results and evaluate the progress of alternative payment model (APM) adoption. The panel of experts will discuss and contextualize the APM survey results and their implications in a discussion about the Accountable Care Curve, the new LAN APM 2030 goals, and other market trends. 

Hear key findings and insights on where we are and where we need to go from an expert panel that includes perspectives from traditional Medicare/CMMI, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial representatives. 

HCPLAN: Working Together to Advance Accountable Care

Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi leads a discussion with payer, provider, and CMS representatives about facilitating APM adoption, evolution, and growth for accountable care arrangements.

Accountable Care Action Collaborative (ACAC): Mission, Vision, and Goals

Meet the co-chairs leading the work of the Accountable Care Action Collaborative (ACAC) as they introduce the mission, vision, and goals of this initiative and outline the short-term and long-term opportunities.

State Transformation Collaboratives (STCs): Updates from the Field

Join us to learn about the progress of the State Transformation Collaboratives (STCs). Get their take on the utility of the Duke-Margolis Framework, forward motion on quality and performance measurement, and effective data exchanges. 

Hear how STC members from Arkansas, Colorado, California, and North Carolina are handling multi-stakeholder engagement. 

Closing Remarks

After an exciting afternoon discussing the progress of APM adoption and the future of accountable care, join Dr. Judy Zerzan-Thul as she wraps up Day 1 activities, highlights critical takeaways, and previews what’s in store for Day 2.

Day 2: Welcome

Join Dr. Rhonda Medows, our newest LAN co-chair, as she starts off Day 2 with key takeaways from Day 1’s rich discussions. We are excited to hear her insights!

Scaling Innovations: Translating the CMS Innovation Center Interventions into Policy and Programs

The CMS Innovation Center develops and tests new payment and care delivery models to improve quality and reduce costs to the health care system. When models are effective and meet the statutory criteria, they can be expanded nationally and scaled through the CMS Innovation Center’s permanent programs.  

Speakers from the CMS Innovation Center and the Center for Medicare discuss the recent changes to the Shared Savings Program (SSP) with roots in the ACO Investment Model (AIM). 

The CMS Innovation Center’s Strategy on Specialty Care

The CMS Innovation Center has established a comprehensive strategy to incorporate specialists into value-based payment programs aligned with the CMS Innovation Center Strategy Refresh.  

Speakers from the CMS Innovation Center discuss near-term plans for more meaningfully engaging specialists in value-based programs across the continuum of care. 

Health Equity Advisory Team (HEAT) Point of View on Social Risk Adjustment: 2022 HEAT Guidance Document & Panel

Highlighting the upcoming guidance from the HEAT’s Social Risk Adjustment document, HEAT Co-Chair Dr. Marshall Chin will moderate this compelling discussion on practical applications, challenges, and successes of using social risk adjustment in the industry.

CMS Roundtable: Efforts to Promote Multi-Payer Alignment Across CMS Programs

Join CMS Innovation Center Deputy Administrator and Director Liz Fowler, Ph.D., as she sits down with leadership across the agency to discuss the new National Quality Strategy and policy levers being used to create alignment. 

Day 2: Closing Remarks

Executive Forum Co-Chair Dr. Mark McClellan will recap all the exciting discussions and information shared over the past two days and conclude the Summit with highlights, key takeaways, and action items. Dr. McClellan will present examples of how you can move up the Accountable Care Curve and share your story!