4: Measuring APM Adoption Across the Nation

The LAN is launching a national APM data collection effort in May 2016 to assess progress towards the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS’) and the LAN’s shared goals of shifting 30% U.S. health care payments to APMs by 2016 and 50% by 2018.  Dr. Sam Nussbaum, Chair of the APM Framework and Progress Tracking Work Group, will share how the LAN has worked together with public and private health plans via the Payer Collaborative to operationalize the APM Framework, released in January 2016. The Collaborative used the Framework, which categorizes APMs, to inform and “road-test” the LAN’s approach for measuring adoption of APMs across Commercial, Medicaid Managed Care, and Medicare Advantage market segments.  He will be joined by Payer Collaborative participants, Greg Bowman from Anthem, Chip Howard from Humana, and Rahul Rajkumar, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services who will discuss their respective experiences and lessons learned as members of the Collaborative supporting the nationwide data collection effort.

LAN Summit Session 4 Measuring APM Adoption Across the Nation

    • Sam R. Nussbaum – Formerly of Anthem, Inc.
    • Greg Bowman – Anthem, Inc.
    • Patrick Gordon – RMHP
    • Chip Howard – Humana
    • Rahul Rajkumar – CMS