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Slide Launch apm roadmap The Roadmap for Driving High Performance in Alternative Payment Models is a landmark tool designed to help health care stakeholders navigate the inherent challenges and opportunities in APM implementation. The Roadmap contains key insights, promising practices, and the most current strategies for designing and implementing successful APMs, delivered via an interactive, intuitive web experience. Other Resources Download White Paper

 Alternative Payment Model Framework and Progress Tracking Work Group

In January 2016, the LAN released the APM Framework White Paper. To find out where your organization falls within the Framework, and to read the results of a national data collection effort to measure the implementation of APMs in the commercial, Medicare Advantage, and state Medicaid markets, you can explore the following resources:

  Population-Based Payment Work Group

Under population-based payment (PBP) models, providers models, providers accept accountability for total cost of care, care quality, and health outcomes for a patient population. To learn more about the PBP Work Group’s recommendations on four priority areas that are foundational for the success of these models, explore the resources listed below.

Accelerating and Aligning PBP Models:

Clinical Episode Payment Work Group

A clinical episode payment (CEP) is a bundled payment for a set of services that occur over time and across settings. To read the CEP Work Group’s recommendations for designing clinical episode payment models for elective joint replacement, coronary artery disease, and maternity care, explore the following resources.

Accelerating and Aligning CEP Models:

LAN Maternity Multi-Stakeholder Action Collaborative

Maternity care costs vary significantly by payer, type of birth, and setting. Maternity episode payments would coordinate services and payments across the full spectrum of where maternity services are provided, improve patient care, and lower health care costs. The Maternity Multi-Stakeholder Action Collaborative (MAC) has put together a Maternity Episode Payment Model Online Resource Bank, which contains many resources.

LAN Primary Care Payer Action Collaborative

The Primary Care Payer Action Collaborative (PAC) was launched in 2016 as a forum for public and private payers in Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) to work together to improve primary care. Their focus since August 2017 has been to support CPC+ payers as they implement alternatives to fee-for-service payments. You can read the PAC’s materials, including slide presentations, meeting notes, and other payer resources, at the Primary Care Payer Resource Bank.

Primary Care Payment Models

Primary care is often a patient’s first point of contact with the health care system. Therefore, primary care practitioners’ decisions broadly impact both patient health and total health care spending. The Primary Care Payment Model (PCPM) White Paper offers principles and recommendations for implementing PCPMs that can help overcome the barriers to effective primary care tied to traditional fee-for-service payments.