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The 2022 LAN Summit was held on November 9 & 10 from 12-3 PM ET. 

This year’s event featured appearances by CMS and CMS Innovation Center leadership, the release of the 2022 APM Measurement Effort results, a discussion on the HEAT’s Social Risk Adjustment Guidance for APMs, and the announcement of the LAN’s 2030 APM Adoption Goals for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans.  

The agenda featured notable speakers including: 

  • CMS Administrator  Chiquita Brooks-LaSure 
  • CMS Innovation Center Director  Liz Fowler, Ph.D. 
  • Center for Medicare Director  Dr. Meena Seshamani 
  • Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services Director  Daniel Tsai 
  • CMS Innovation Center Chief Strategy Officer  Purva Rawal, Ph.D. 
  • CMS Innovation Center Chief Medical Officer  Dr. Dora Hughes 
  • LAN Executive Forum Co-Chairs  Dr. Judy Zerzan-Thul and Dr. Mark McClellan
  • LAN HEAT Co-Chair  Dr. Marshall Chin 
  • And many more! 

Visit the Interactive Agenda to learn more!

The Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (HCPLAN) was created to bring together partners in the private, public, and non-profit sectors to transform the nation’s health care system to one that emphasizes high-quality, efficient, and affordable care via alternative payment models (APMs).  

Since its inception in 2015, decision makers from these stakeholder groups have worked together through the LAN to align efforts, capture best practices, disseminate information, and apply lessons learned to advance their shared goal for a revitalized health care system that works for everyone. 

The LAN Summit has been instrumental in bringing physicians, payers, government leaders, professional associations, academic leaders, consultants, patient advocacy representatives, and other health care thought leaders together for a dynamic schedule of networking, robust discussions, and knowledge exchange that fosters collaboration and collective action.  

The overall goal of the LAN and the LAN Summit is to collaborate and act on strategies that will accelerate the transition to innovative, patient-centered payment models by focusing on equity, access to high-quality and affordable care, engagement of patients, and reduced provider burden. 

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