2021 Session Recordings


LAN Co-chair Emily Brower kicks off the 2021 LAN Summit with remarks highlighting this unique period in history to transform healthcare for the better. Get a preview of what the Summit has in store and preview exclusive sessions with healthcare thought leaders from the government, academia, and the private sector!

LAN 2021-2022: Evolution in Progress

LAN CEO Forum Co-chair Dr. Mark McClellan will guide Summit attendees through the LAN’s next phase of work, including its vision, priorities, and goals for the coming year. Hear how the LAN plans to continue to focus on health equity and regional transformation of healthcare.

CMS Leadership Point of View

What is the government’s response and role in APM adoption? How are government health programs addressing health equity for their beneficiaries? Join CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure as she addresses the virtual 2021 LAN Summit and highlights CMS’ commitment to health equity by leveraging APMs. Hear how CMS is embracing new strategies to achieve equitable outcomes through high-quality, affordable, person-centered care that aligns with the LAN and its newest initiatives.

2019-2020 APM Measurement Results

A panel of experts discuss questions including how the pandemic is changing health plans’ response to the needs of its provider networks, shifts in APM contracting strategies brought on by COVID-19, and how health plans and providers are addressing health disparities and making the system more equitable.

Designing Transformation: The Role of APMs in Health Equity

Highlighting the newly-released guidance document from the HEAT, Advancing Health Equity through APMs: Guidance for Equity-Centered Design and Implementation, Health Equity Advisory Team (HEAT) Co-chair Dr. Marshall Chin moderates this compelling discussion on the role APMs can play in building an equitable health care delivery system. Panelists share their perspectives and experiences on how APMs have played a role in addressing health disparities within their networks and addressing health equity at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day 1: Closing Remarks

Dr. Mark McClellan wraps up Day 1 activities, highlights critical takeaways, and previews what’s in store on Day 2.

Welcome Back

LAN Co-chair Dr. Will Shrank highlights key takeaways from Day and previews Day 2, which starts with important information about new LAN initiatives.

State Transformation of Healthcare

Director of the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS), Daniel Tsai, shares CMCS strategy and how CMCS and the LAN work together to learn, cooperate, and share information. Mr. Tsai’s remarks will unveil details on new LAN initiatives and their intersection with CMCS.

Advancing Transformation: Real World Experience and Succeses from the Field

HEAT Co-chair Karen M. Dale moderates a discussion on how organizations are incorporating population health into the design and delivery of value-based care models. This conversation offers a unique opportunity to hear diverse perspectives on APM adoption success and what lies ahead.

A New Strategic Initiative from the LAN

What does regional and local adoption of APMs look like? Where can regional successes be scaled nationally to increase APM adoption with intended health equity outcomes and person-centered care? This interactive session of a panel of state-level experts discussed effective, state-based changes that can drive lower costs and better outcomes.

Fireside Chat with Dr. Elizabeth Fowler and Dr. Meena Seshamani, Facilitated by LAN Co-Chair Emily Brower

The work of the LAN and the mission of CMMI are intrinsically linked. Both are zeroing in on the importance of health equity and person-centered care, and both are advocating the use of APMs to improve the patient experience and access to care. Listen to this fireside chat between Drs. Elizabeth Fowler and Meena Seshamani, facilitated by LAN co-chair Emily Brower. They explain and expand on the symbiotic relationship between CMMI and the LAN – and what the future holds.

Day 2: Closing Remarks

How can LAN stakeholders become more involved in the LAN’s work on APM adoption to move the needle to improve health equity and person-centered care? What are some models and methods for intentionally designing and implementing APMs? Dr. McClellan summarizes the LAN Summit’s two days of sessions and concludes with highlights, key takeaways, and examples of what can be done toto move healthcare transformation forward.