Photo of Mark McClellan *Mark McClellan (Duke Margolis Center)

Co-chair, CEO Forum

Director, Robert J. Margolis Center for Health Policy

Robert Margolis Professor of Business, Medicine, and Health at Duke University

Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, is Director and Robert J. Margolis, M.D., Professor of Business, Medicine and Health Policy at the Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University. He is a physician-economist who focuses on quality and value in health care, including payment reform, real-world evidence and more effective drug and device innovation. He is former administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, where he developed and implemented major reforms in health policy.
He is an independent director on the boards of Johnson & Johnson, Cigna, and Alignment Health Care and is co-chair of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative and the Guiding Committee for the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network.

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