Leigh Anne Leas (Novartis)

Vice President and Country Head, Health Policy at Novartis

Leigh Anne Leas serves as the Vice President and US Country Head, Health Policy for Novartis, representing all US business divisions.  She is responsible for developing the organization’s policy priorities and positions on key federal and state health policy issues and government healthcare programs.  She and her team assess the impact of potential legislation and regulations on the Novartis US businesses, including pharmaceuticals, oncology, generics, biosimilars, surgical devices and eye care products. Leigh Anne is also a member of the Novartis Country Executive Committee.

In her twelve years with Novartis, she has held a variety of roles focused on Public Affairs Strategy and Government Access, Health Policy, Managed Markets Strategy, and Economic Development. Her prior pharmaceutical industry experience includes government pricing and contracting, managed care strategy, and product director roles with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson.

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