The CMS Innovation Center’s Strategy on Specialty Care

The CMS Innovation Center has established a comprehensive strategy to incorporate specialists into value-based payment programs aligned with the CMS Innovation Center Strategy Refresh.  

Speakers from the CMS Innovation Center discuss near-term plans for more meaningfully engaging specialists in value-based programs across the continuum of care. 

Moderator: TBD


  • Sarah Fogler, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Patient Care Models Group, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
  • Dr. Amol Navathe, Co-Director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute, University of Pennsylvania


Location: Fireside Chat Date: November 10, 2022 Time: 12:35 pm - 1:05 pm Sarah Fogler, Ph.D. (CMMI) Dr. Amol Navathe Dr. Amol Navathe (University of Pennsylvania)