2022 APM Measurement Effort: Progress of Alternative Payment Models

What do the results of the 2022 Measurement Effort mean? What progress has the LAN made in advancing accountable care through APM adoption? 

In this session, the LAN will release the 2022 Measurement Effort results and evaluate the progress of alternative payment model (APM) adoption. The panel of experts will discuss and contextualize the APM survey results and their implications in a discussion about the Accountable Care Curve, the new LAN APM 2030 goals, and other market trends. 

Hear key findings and insights on where we are and where we need to go from an expert panel that includes perspectives from traditional Medicare/CMMI, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial representatives. 

Moderator: Andréa Caballero, Program Director, Catalyst for Payment Reform


  • Chuck Chervitz, Regional Vice President of Payment Innovations, Centene Corporation
  • Christine Murphy, Senior Vice President of Provider Partnerships, Point32Health
  • Ellen Lukens, Deputy Director, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
  • Diwen Chen, Vice President, National Head of Payment Innovation, Value Based Solutions, Elevance Health