LAN Co-Chair Dr. Judy Zerzan-Thul gets the virtual 2022 LAN Summit underway with opening remarks highlighting the upcoming sessions, which will improve understanding around accountable care and efforts to advance delivery system reform. 

Get a preview of what the

LAN 2022-2023: Forward Momentum

Are you wondering what the LAN is working on and how you can become involved or share your story? 

LAN Co-Chair Dr. Mark McClellan will provide insight on the LAN’s activities since the 2021 Summit, including the rollout of

Closing Remarks

After an exciting afternoon discussing the progress of APM adoption and the future of accountable care, join Dr. Judy Zerzan-Thul as she wraps up Day 1 activities, highlights critical takeaways, and previews what’s in store for Day 2. 



Join Dr. Rhonda Medows, our newest LAN co-chair, as she starts off Day 2 with key takeaways from Day 1’s rich discussions. We are excited to hear her insights!

Closing Remarks

Be sure to stay with us until the end! 

Executive Forum Co-Chair Dr. Mark McClellan will recap all the exciting discussions and information shared over the past two days and conclude the Summit with highlights, key takeaways, and action …